• Providing necessary information for new set-up
  • Medico-Legal hassles
  • Protection against monetary loss
Providing necessary information for new set-up
  • There are numerous formalities to be completed for starting a new venture
  • We provide legal advice for starting such ventures.
  • Providing details on various licenses required for setting up of hospitals and laboratories
  • All paperwork involved for starting a venture
  • Assistance in procuring legal papers/licenses, on demand
Medico-Legal hassles
  • We envision to take up all types of medico-legal problems, initiated on our associates, and provide the best possible medico-legal solutions
  • A team of Medico-Legal professionals with extensive experience provide consultation
  • Inspite of the protective coverage given by IMA, most cases need a far more professional approach for a better service to the professional, as has been seen in most of the cases
Protection against monetary loss