• Financial Health Check-up
  • IT Planning
  • Loan syndication
Financial Health Check-up, Investment advisory and PMS (Portfolio Management Services)

A good Financial health for an individual is as important as keeping medically fit. However, in most cases, Financial health is ignored by Medical Professionals. Timely investment leads to maximum benefit from the concept of ‘Power of Compounding’.

Advice is given by highly qualified professionals after thorough understanding of requirements. Advisors associated with us are experts in providing services to Medical Professionals.

Services include:

Financial Health check-up with detailed report

  • Collection of data regarding current Income, Expenses, Assets and liabilities
  • Providing analysis of one's current financial health
  • Clear identification of one's Financial Goals (eg Children’s education, their marriage, Holiday planning, purchase of dream house/car, retirement planning etc)
  • Suggestions on immediate remedies based on short as well as long-term financial goals
  • Providing non-biased investment advisory, since we are not associated with any Mutual Fund or Insurance company

Planning for Children’s Education-

  • Identifying goals for children’s education
  • Financial planning for achieving set goals
  • For higher education, huge amount is required up-front and planning from a very primary level must be in place to avoid being overwhelmed at the very last minute.
  • Planning for an entrepreneurial dream of children

Retirement planning-

  • Retirement planning is very important and in majority of cases, knowingly or unknowingly, ignored by Medical Professionals
  • We help medical professionals plan for their retirement since there is no provision for pension, retirement benefits etc. for private practitioners
  • Every medical professional has to keep working in order to have a steady income, this income stops the day he stops practicing
  • Personalised advice is provided as per requirement of the individual and his plans for a steady monthly income after his retirement.


Portfolio Management Service (PMS) for individuals who have very limited time to spare from their hectic schedule for investment-related activities

IT Planning and filing of Returns

Filing of Income tax returns is mandatory for individuals earning more than Rs. 2.50 Lacs per annum. It is generally observed that Medical professionals do not pay optimum tax due to lack of tax planning. Tax planning is required based on Income tax returns required in the future (eg Healthy IT returns is a requisite for loans from financial institutions for setting up of hospitals etc).

IT service includes:

  • Income tax planning
  • Tips to use tax-saving instruments
  • Understanding tax requirement and tailored advise based on future plans
  • Optimize the income tax liability
  • Filing of current IT returns
  • Filing of old IT returns, if pending
  • Assessing and advising on Tax Refund
Loan syndication and Working Capital

Term Loan:

Higher investment in infrastructure results in higher returns. Internal accruals coupled with bank loans would result in higher investments in infrastructure compared to internal accruals alone. Banks generally provide ¾ of the total project cost as term loan. This increases an individual’s power to invest by 4 times. Hence, term loans are very important in setting up of new ventures.

Working Capital:

It is generally observed that expenses are fixed in nature which need to be paid periodically, whereas, income may vary over the same period. Any period with more expense than income would result in non-payment of expenses and can lead to avoidable embarrassing situation. Cash credit limit from banks is recommended to avoid any temporary short-fall in income and expense.

Loans syndication services include:

  • Preparing project reports for setting up of new hospital
  • Preparing project reports for acquiring existing hospital
  • Deducing fund requirement for same (capital expenditure and day-to-day expenses)
  • Arranging Term Loan for capital expenditure
  • Arranging Working Capital for smooth running of day-to-day operations
  • Assessing the requirement of funds for development of existing set-up and arranging the same
  • Syndicating funds for other requirements